Transmedialization: An interart transfer

Author(s): Wenz, Karin

The term transmedialization describes the transfer of text from one medium to another. It is a special type of "remediation" (Bolter & Grusin 1999), but not used in the broad sense, as transmedialization is closely related to a specific text and not to e.g. narration in general in written text compared to narrative possibilities in film or computer games. Transmedialization may parallel or develop the source text. The question is: Which aspect is foregrounded and which is hidden by the transmedialization? If the two media systems are relatively close to each other we have different cases of transmedialization, if they are distant we speak of translation, which means that entirely new signs are created. Bruhn (2001) distinguishes the following cases of transmedialization in musical ekphrasis which can be applied to digital text as well: integration, inflection, adaption, and enactment.

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Wenz, Karin: Transmedialization: An interart transfer. In: Dichtung Digital. Journal für Kunst und Kultur digitaler Medien, Jg. 4 (2002-01-05), Nr. 1, S. 1-7. DOI:
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