Alt-Right-Affekte. Provokationen und Online-Taktiken

Author(s): Strick, Simon


How do we approach the torrent of right-wing online extremism called the Alt-Right? The article compares two racist ‹internet-pranks› and the performances of feeling, masculinity, and whiteness they invest in, to argue that they produce affects and atmospheres tilting current media environments and discursive climates towards racial, gendered, and political antagonism. Both examples evoke ‹whiteness› as precarized subjectivity, and I parse how these ‹pranks› strategically produce momentous instances of affective identification with racist identitarian and antidemocratic discourses. The affective results of online transgressions suggest a model of analysis attuned to the collectivizing work of feeling, rather than classical approaches to neofascism as an ‹infecting› mode of hateful thought.

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Preferred Citation
Strick, Simon: Alt-Right-Affekte. Provokationen und Online-Taktiken. In: Zeitschrift für Medienwissenschaft, Jg. 10 (2018), Nr. 2, S. 113-125. DOI: 10.25969/mediarep/1369.
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