Bildnerisches Denken

Author(s): Plaum, Goda
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Semiotic as well as phenomenological image science agrees insofar that in the perception and the production of pictures, specific thinking processes take place, which needs to be explored. Most investigations of both approaches only concern or attach importance to the perception of images. This article starts from the premise, that the characteristics of this thinking become more evident at focussing on the production of pictures. This is caused by the double role of the producer, who is at the same time perceiving and reflecting the later perception of his own picture during its process of creation. The task of this article is to show how analyzing the process of producing pictures can lead to a characterisation of ›bildnerisches Denken‹.

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Plaum, Goda: Bildnerisches Denken. In: IMAGE. Zeitschrift für interdisziplinäre Bildwissenschaft, Jg. 6 (2010), Nr. 1, S. 11-28. DOI:
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