Why Should We Study Socialist Commercials?

Author(s): Imre, Anikó


This article looks at television’s so far neglected contribution as a relay and interpretive framework at the intersection of postsocialist memory and history studies. It zooms in on postsocialist nostalgia as a relational expression of a heterogeneous set of desires that operate in an intercultural network. Televisual nostalgia also implicates Western Europe and makes explicit a Western European longing for the divided Europe of the Cold War. This longing, in turn, shores up Europe’s repressed imperial history. Television’s role at the pressure points of postsocialist institutional and economic policy, consumption and narrative concerns makes it an indispensable window into the intertwined workings of nostalgia and nationalism within a postcolonial Europe.

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Imre, Anikó: Why Should We Study Socialist Commercials?. In: VIEW Journal of European Television History and Culture, Jg. 2 (2013-06-30), Nr. 3, S. 65-76. DOI:
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