Medienanthropologie. Eine Menschenwissenschaft vom Menschen?

Author(s): Rieger, Stefan


The paper is devoted to the aporias of medial anthropology. In addition to the debates about the medial a priori, as initiated primarily by the works of Friedrich Kittler, two things come into view: On the one hand, the possibility to apply the notion of technical data processing to human processes not only in a metaphorical, but also in a literal way, in order to derive quantifiable criteria for their performance; on the other hand, the turn away from specifically German media studies in the ongoing international discussion establishes a notion of media that, thanks to its pluralistic orientation, allows references to other fields of study, e.g. to biology (biomedia).

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Rieger, Stefan: Medienanthropologie. Eine Menschenwissenschaft vom Menschen?. In: ZMK Zeitschrift für Medien- und Kulturforschung, Jg. 4 (2013), Nr. 1, S. 191-205. DOI:
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