Teaching Religion and Gender with THE COHEN’S WIFE (IL 2000)

Author(s): Knauss, Stefanie

In this contribution, I reflect on my experiences with teaching the short film THE COHEN'S (ESHET KOHEN, Nava Nussan Heifetz, IL 2000, 23 min.) to critically analyze the constructedness of media as well as of gender and religious identities, and their mutual, complex relationships. I briefly present the context in which I teach with this film, discuss my choice of it as a “teaching partner”, and the pedagogical approaches and tools I use to work with it in the classroom, before elaborating on some details of what the film teaches my students. I conclude with some ideas for future changes when teaching with THE COHEN'S WIFE, based on my experiences so far.

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Knauss, Stefanie: Teaching Religion and Gender with THE COHEN’S WIFE (IL 2000). In: Journal for Religion, Film and Media, Jg. 8 (2022), Nr. 2, S. 33-48. DOI:
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