WYSIWYG or WYGIWYS: Notes on the Loss of Inscription


"Content = No Cache" is a curious tag. Placed in the html code it updates the content of any on line page, erasing what was written before. It attributes a new role for writing. From now on it does not inscribe anymore. It is recycled and fades the idea of the original source. In fact there is not any difference between originals and copies just a continuous movement of reorganization of data and fluxes of information. They are identical resetting of the same informative code. But they are not identical for the experience and this is the fascinating of the clone logic. Its possibility of being identical being different. But all those dynamic elements, no matter if they are images, texts or sounds, are now made to be seen on the move, from inside the car or any other vehicle, on the walls, in moblie phones and PDAs, in accordance to entropy and acceleration logic. And also according to a lack of logic of the market, which makes what it is seen a resultant of traffic path, connection speed, browser... Digital culture does not assure visual unit, that kind of unity that allowed Mallarmé to revolutionize poetry, trusting the materiality of the page. In this sense, the loss of inscription points to shifts in perception, visuality and reading and poses an interesting question: How to deal with an art form conceived to be experienced in between, while doing other things?

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Beiguelman, Giselle: WYSIWYG or WYGIWYS: Notes on the Loss of Inscription. In: Dichtung Digital. Journal für Kunst und Kultur digitaler Medien, Jg. 3 (2001-10-16), Nr. 6, S. 1-4. DOI:
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