Creativity, passion, and community: The rise of India’s transnational producers

Author(s): Bhatia, Neha


Producers are commonly associated with managing finances and budgets, but the work of a producer primarily involves managing emotions and people. They invest emotional labour in the projects, which remains a largely neglected, invisible and hidden aspect of their work. Recent scholarship on film and media industries is increasingly paying attention to the lived experiences of media makers, their cultures, and the emotional qualities of their creative work. In this light, this article focuses on the working world of emerging creative producers involved in supporting Indian independent cinema through international film festival funding and co-production schemes transnationally. This article borrows insights from media industry studies and affective scholarship, as well as incorporates in-depth interviews with transnational producers themselves. It examines the producer’s labour and work, involving extensive human interactions, community-building, and emotional management to make it in the industry. In doing so, the producers become entwined in the transnational capitalist film industry.

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Bhatia, Neha: Creativity, passion, and community: The rise of India’s transnational producers. In: NECSUS_European Journal of Media Studies, Jg. 12 (2023), Nr. 2, S. 272-291. DOI:
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