Archivreisen Teil I: Zuhause im Archiv


Daniela Zetti and Hannah Zindel examine travelogues by archival researchers. Narratives about archival research follow well-known narrative patterns: travelers link discoveries with reflections on orders of knowledge and on methodology. How do digital tools shape archives? How do journeys to the archive change? Do they challenge the archival production of knowledge? The essay links research on discovery and serendipity, and on scientific journeys and the archive. It highlights recent forms of home archives and is based on statements by researchers and archivists collected in interviews with an archive user, an archivist, and a historian who is helping to build an archive.

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Zetti, Daniela; Zindel, Hannah: Archivreisen Teil I: Zuhause im Archiv. In: Zeitschrift für Medienwissenschaft, Jg. 13 (2021), Nr. 2, S. 152-158. DOI:
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