Das Bewusstsein im Schlaf – Über die Funktion von Klarträumen

Author(s): Sauerwein, Jakob


A Dream is one of the phenomenons, everybody is able to experience. Dreaming connects the mankind, regardless of ethnological and cultural surroundings. Nevertheless not every Dreamer knows about the possibility of transferring the normal dream into a higher state of mind – the lucid dream. Almost everyone is able to reach this state of consciousness while dreaming. It´s possible to overcome the wellknown passivity of a dream and turn it into a conscious, active state of dreaming. The full amount of human creativity can unfold there. What normal dreams can be used for, was shown by the analyses of Freud and Jung, who found out, how dreams are influenced by the waking life and vice versa. Their thoughts were usefull for analyzing the human psyche and finding ways to treat neurosis and psychoses. This functions of a normal dream can not be transferred to a lucid dream. The structure and nature of these vivid, active dreams allows a different view on a potential benefit for the waking life.

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Sauerwein, Jakob: Das Bewusstsein im Schlaf – Über die Funktion von Klarträumen. In: IMAGE. Zeitschrift für interdisziplinäre Bildwissenschaft, Jg. 7 (2011), Nr. 1, S. 66-81. DOI:
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