The Act of Negation: Logical and Ontological

Author(s): Menke, Christoph


The concept of negation is the central operator in distinguishing between historical change and natural evolution, which is constitutive of modern thinking. The crisis of this distinction is therefore the »crisis of negation « (Alain Badiou). The text examines this crisis by first considering Hegel’s concept of »determinate negation« and its impact on the modern understanding of revolution and then discusses two possible alternative understandings of negation: abstract negation (Luhmann) and infinite negation (Agamben)

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Menke, Christoph: The Act of Negation: Logical and Ontological. In: ZMK Zeitschrift für Medien- und Kulturforschung, Jg. 9 (2018), Nr. 2, S. 43-57. DOI:
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