Textile Diagrams. Florian Pumhösl's Abstraction as Method

Author(s): Smith, T'ai


For Viennese artist Florian Pumhösl »abstraction is a method«, not a category. Or rather, if abstraction is the defining category of modernism, the objective is to reproduce modernism's problems and limits and exploit relationships among its parts. Considering what Pumhösl calls the »textile complex« of modernism, this essay examines the artist's work in parallel with Charles Sanders Peirce's diagram concept and Gottfried Semper's use of textile diagrams throughout Style in the Technical and Tectonic Arts.

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Smith, T'ai: Textile Diagrams. Florian Pumhösl's Abstraction as Method. In: ZMK Zeitschrift für Medien- und Kulturforschung, Jg. 6 (2015), Nr. 1, S. 101-116. DOI:
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