Welcher Kanon, wessen Kanon? Eine Einladung zur Diskussion


Problematizing canon formation in German-language media studies, we discuss opportunities, perspectives, and possible pitfalls of a much-needed decolonization of the discipline’s corpus of objects and theories based on experiences in teaching. The text suggests that should be understood as something else than merely diversifying or exchanging certain texts. Rather, reflecting on and revising syllabi implies tracing and interrogating the emergence of media studies. The paper outlines this task and presents a first result of the working group on canon criticism: the compilation of a publicly accessible and participatory collection of literature that can be individually extended by the users.

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Arbeitskreis Kanonkritik: Welcher Kanon, wessen Kanon? Eine Einladung zur Diskussion. In: Zeitschrift für Medienwissenschaft, Jg. 14 (2022), Nr. 1, S. 159-171. DOI:
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