Der Deutsche in der Landschaft – Borchardt und Benjamin

Author(s): Neumann, Peter


Taking its cue from Walter Benjamin’s methodological critique of Rudolf Borchardt’s anthology DER DEUTSCHE IN DER LANDSCHAFT, the article demonstrates how these different approaches connect 'intellectual history' and a specific idea of nature. While Borchardt proposes a unifying vision of nature (modelled after Goethe’s) that leads to a concept of history as continuity and a tradition that ist to be regained; with Benjamin the idea of a conceptual continuum and organic culturality collapses in the wake of fascism: 'Heimat' becomes precarious intellectually and naturally. Being-in-landscape as a saturated experience is furthermore only possible in a mode of remembrance, that is, as a testament to its own demise.

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Neumann, Peter: Der Deutsche in der Landschaft – Borchardt und Benjamin. In: Kulturwissenschaftliche Zeitschrift, Jg. 5 (2020), Nr. 1, S. 43-52. DOI:
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