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All in the Day's Work (1910)

Author(s): Meade, Allan


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Meade, Allan: All in the Day's Work (1910). In: Kessler, Frank;Lenk, Sabine;Loiperdinger, Martin: Kinematographen-Programme. Frankfurt am Main: Stroemfeld/Roter Stern 2002, S. 10-14. DOI:
 author = {Meade, Allan},
 title = {All in the Day's Work (1910)},
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 doi = "\url{}",
 editor = {Kessler, Frank and Lenk, Sabine and Loiperdinger, Martin},
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 series = {KINtop. Jahrbuch zur Erforschung des frühen Films},
 booktitle = {Kinematographen-Programme},
 pages = {10--14},
 publisher = {Stroemfeld/Roter Stern},
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