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Techno-Animism – When Technology Talks Back

Author(s): Timmer, Jelte


In Spike Jonze’s science fiction movie Her, the protagonist –Theodore– falls in love with his computer’s operating system. It may seem a futuristic idea, but it might be closer than we think. Since the introduction of Siri, Apple’s digital assistant, it has become increasingly normal to speak to your phone. This means a fundamental change in how we interact with technology. Machines become active participants in conversations. But while our technologies get to know us better and better, they also become more inscrutable and mystical to the average user. This leads to different relations with digital technologies in which a new kind of technological animism could become an important way for users to explain actions of their technological environments.

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Timmer, Jelte: Techno-Animism – When Technology Talks Back. In: Janssens, Liisa: The Art of Ethics in the Information Society. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press 2016, S. 132-137. DOI: 10.25969/mediarep/13409.
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