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Carrying Computerization. Interfaces, Operations, Depresentations

Author(s): Distelmeyer, Jan


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Distelmeyer, Jan: Carrying Computerization. Interfaces, Operations, Depresentations. In: Feiersinger, Luisa;Friedrich, Kathrin;Queisner, Moritz: Image – Action – Space: Situating the Screen in Visual Practice. Berlin: de Gruyter 2018, S. 55-68. DOI:
 author = {Distelmeyer, Jan},
 title = {Carrying Computerization. Interfaces, Operations, Depresentations},
 year = 2018,
 doi = "\url{}",
 editor = {Feiersinger, Luisa and Friedrich, Kathrin and Queisner, Moritz},
 address = {Berlin},
 booktitle = {Image – Action – Space: Situating the Screen in Visual Practice},
 pages = {55--68},
 publisher = {de Gruyter},
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