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The Paranoid Machine: Five Theses on Digital Cultures

Author(s): Apprich, Clemens

In the following article I want to propose the idea of a paranoid machine, in order to reflect on some of today’s developments in digital cultures. Starting from the assumption that we experience a shift from mass media to social media, I will show how paranoia can provide a diagnostic tool to analyze such a transformation. Paranoia as a method helps to shed light on the epistemological, technological, ethical, political, and aesthetical implications of a (post-)digital world. The paranoid machine exposes hidden assumptions in computer code and calls for intervention in the narcissist and homophilic disposition of digital cultures.

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Apprich, Clemens: The Paranoid Machine: Five Theses on Digital Cultures. In: Burkhardt, Marcus;Shnayien, Mary;Grashöfer, Katja: Explorations in Digital Cultures. Lüneburg: meson press 2020, S. 1-18. DOI:
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