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Denials of Service

Author(s): Parikka, Jussi


This article addresses denial-of-service attacks as one key entry point to understanding contemporary issues in network politics. By way of underlining the spiraling feature of the Internet economy as based on security and attack services, it leads into discussing the December 2014 DoS attack against Sony and Xbox gaming networks which were resolved by Kimdotcom offering the hackers vouchers for his file-sharing service, Mega. The article considers the implications of this and other examples in the context of how service has also come to denote a relationship to Internet infrastructure: Servers and the speed of Internet connections that can be slowed down or flooded by way of denial-of-service attacks.

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Parikka, Jussi: Denials of Service. In: Kaldrack, Irina;Leeker, Martina: There is no software, there are just services. Lüneburg: meson press 2015, S. 103-111. DOI: 10.25969/mediarep/1016.
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