Let’s Get Physical. A Sample of INC Longforms, 2015-2020

Editor(s): Rasch, Miriam


Let’s Get Physical: A Sample of INC Longforms, 2015-2020 marks the five year anniversary of the INC Longform series. Based on research both theoretical and practice-based, INC Longforms showcase original projects, reflections, and critique. The essays in this collection invite the reader to look ahead while finding firm ground in the recent past. What topics are rising on the agenda of internet, media, and technology research? Which themes deserve our (ongoing) scrutiny and what are urgent reconfigurations of discourse? The thirteen contributions presented here take well-known issues in internet criticism one step further and address new subjects that call for attention. Divided into four sections, the authors cover the changing emotional attachments between humans and machines (‘Affects & Interventions’), rethink questions of labor and economic divisions (‘Class Lines’), dive into visual culture and its political influences (‘Meme Politics’), and ask how software and technology play their role in neo-cybernetic forms of bio- and necropolitics (‘Architectures of Control’).
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