Video Vortex Reader. Responses to YouTube


The Video Vortex Reader is the first collection of critical texts to deal with the rapidly emerging world of online video – from its explosive rise in 2005 with YouTube, to its future as a significant form of personal media. After years of talk about digital convergence and crossmedia platforms we now witness the merger of the Internet and television at a pace no-one predicted. These contributions from scholars, artists and curators evolved from the first two Video Vortex conferences in Brussels and Amsterdam in 2007 which focused on responses to YouTube, and address key issues around independent production and distribution of online video content. What does this new distribution platform mean for artists and activists? What are the alternatives?
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Lovink, Geert; Niederer, Sabine(Hg.): Video Vortex Reader. Responses to YouTube. Amsterdam: Institute of Network Cultures 2008. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.25969/mediarep/19284.
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