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Wahl, Chris; Ballhausen, Thomas; Nowak, Kai; Valenti, Cecilia; Wedel, Michael; Alt, Dirk; Fuhrmann, Wolfgang; Stiasny, Philipp: Besprechungen. In: Filmblatt, Jg. 18 (2013), Nr. 1, S. 77-91. DOI:
 author = {Wahl, Chris and Ballhausen, Thomas and Nowak, Kai and Valenti, Cecilia and Wedel, Michael and Alt, Dirk and Fuhrmann, Wolfgang and Stiasny, Philipp},
 title = {Besprechungen},
 year = 2013,
 doi = "\url{}",
 volume = 18,
 address = {Berlin},
 journal = {Filmblatt},
 number = 1,
 pages = {77--91},
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