Dreaming of Life

Author(s): Jafari, Morteza

‘Dreaming of Life’ represents a part of my personal background regarding immigration. About eight years ago when I was travelling on an inflatable boat along with 45 other people in the direction of the Greek island of Samos, we faced death. There were women and children on that boat, young and old people. I promised myself then and there that if I survived, I would make a film about this experience. Articulating disasters of every immigrant or refugee in the form of a story or a film can help to inform those who are considering leaving their home countries as well as those in destination countries who are oblivious to their plight of those who seek refuge. On the other hand, and in the long term, it can have a positive impact for those who have already gone down this path. Expressing the pain and struggles which came with this choice can raise awareness for humanitarian activists and human rights organisations who are fighting for policy and attitude changes. There are many different means for telling these stories and expressing these emotions. Although some people might not have the confidence or skills to write articles, a book or to make a movie, they can easily capture images or sounds with their phones and use it to discuss their problems or simply to record their experiences. They can then upload these materials on the internet, for example, on YouTube for everyone to access and learn from. Digital technology has made it easier to inform and raise awareness to the extent that one can share news with even the most simple smartphone. Many migrants and refugees who are planning to migrate, take the role of a journalist by sharing their experiences and the reality of migration. In mass media, the coverage of migration is often not fair/impartial/subjective/accurate. That is why it is necessary to encourage refugees and migrants to use these technologies and to play a major role in raising awareness of their plight.


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