Artificial intelligence (AI) is arguably the new spectre of digital cultures. By filtering information out of existing data, it determines the way we see the world and how the world sees us. Yet the vision algorithms have of our future is built on our past. What we teach these algorithms ultimately reflects back on us and it is therefore no surprise when artificial intelligence starts to classify on the basis of race, class and gender. By imposing identity on input data, in order to filter, that is to discriminate signals from noise, machine learning algorithms invoke a ghost story that works at two levels. First, it proposes that there is a reality that is not this one, and that is beyond our reach; to consider this reality can be unnerving. Second, the ghost story is about the horror of the past – its ambitions, materiality and promises – returning compulsively and taking on a present form because of something that went terribly wrong in the passage between one conception of reality and the next.


Spheres Editorial Collective; Maya Indira Ganesh; Stina Lohmüller:

#5 Spectres of AI

S. 1-4

Matteo Pasquinelli:

How a Machine Learns and Fails

S. 1-17

Pablo R. Velasco:

Artificial Intelligibility and Proxy Error

S. 1-6

Manan Ahmed Asif:

Technologies of Power - From Area Studies to Data Science

S. 1-13

Noopur Raval:

An Agenda for Decolonizing Data Science

S. 1-6

Christoph Ernst; Jens Schröter; Andreas Sudmann:

AI and the Imagination to Overcome Difference

S. 1-12

Maya Indira Ganesh:

The Difference that Difference Makes

S. 1-6

Adnan Hadzi; Denis Roio:

Restorative Justice in Artificial Intelligence Crimes

S. 1-18

Emma Stamm:

The Electric Kool-Aid Turing Test

S. 1-12

Simon Crowe:

Micropolitics of a Recommender System – Source Code

S. 1-8

Simon Crowe:

Micropolitics of a Recommender System – Machine Learning and the Machinic Unconscious

S. 1-9

Claire Larsonneur:

The Disruptions of Neutral Machine Translation

S. 1-10

Ariana Dongus:

Galton's Utopia

S. 1-16

Pedro J S Vieira de Oliveira:

"Das hätte nicht passieren dürfen"

S. 1-4

Sy Taffel:

Automating Creativity

S. 1-9

Sy Taffel:

Documentary: Automating Creativity

Yeawon Kim:

Insectile Indices

S. 1-8