While recent comparative and transnational approaches in the field of European television history have demonstrated the need for (post)socialist television histories in Europe, there is currently limited scholarship dedicated to this geopolitical area of television in Europe. This area of study has mostly been relegated to the margins of other disciplines and remained isolated by national languages inaccessible to non-native scholars.
This issue is guest edited at the initiative of the European (Post)Socialist Television History Network. It opens up new perspectives on television histories from Eastern Europe and situates this emerging area of study beyond the political histories of the nation-state, Cold War isolation and East-West antagonism.
Co-edited by the European (Post)Socialist Television History Network

Dana Mustata:


S. 1-6

Opening Article

Sabina Mihelj:

Understanding Socialist Television: Concepts, Objects, Methods

S. 7-16


Judith Keilbach:

The Eichmann Trial on East German Television: On (Not) Reporting About a Transnational Media Event

S. 17-22

Yulia Yurtaeva:

Intervision: Searching for Traces

S. 23-34

Alexandra Urdea:

Folklore Music on Romanian TV: From State Socialist Television to Private Channels

S. 35-49


Heather Gumbert:

Exploring Transnational Media Exchange in the 1960s

S. 50-59

Thomas Beutelschmidt; Richard Oehmig:

Connected Enemies? Programming Transfer between East and West During the Cold War and the Example of East German Television

S. 60-67

Patryk Wasiak:

The Great Époque of the Consumption of Imported Broadcasts: West European Television Channels and Polish Audiences during the System Transition

S. 68-78

Paolo Carelli:

Italianization Accomplished: Forms and Structures of Albanian Television’s Dependency on Italian Media and Culture

S. 79-87

Mari Pajala:

East and West on the Finnish Screen: Early Transnational Television in Finland

S. 88-99

Veronika Pehe:

Retro Reappropriations. Responses to The Thirty Cases of Major Zeman in the Czech Republic

S. 100-107

Ekaterina Kalinina:

Multiple Faces of the Nostalgia Channel in Russia

S. 108-118

Simon Huxtable:

The Problem of Personality on Soviet Television, 1950s-1960s*

S. 119-130

Zrinjka Peruško; Antonija Čuvalo:

Comparing Socialist and Post-Socialist Television Culture. Fifty Years of Television in Croatia

S. 131-150