On March 20, 2017 EUscreen and the FIAT/IFTA’s Media Studies Commission organized a joint seminar about ‘1968 in the Media’. The Media Studies Seminar was devoted to the media coverage of different political and social events that took place in 1968 across the globe. The day was split in four panel sessions with different perspectives: Politics of Representation chaired by Lisa Kerrigan (British Film Institute), Researching 1968: Stories, Perspectives and Sources chaired by Dana Mustata (University of Groningen), Filming 1968 chaired by Andy O’Dwyer (University of Luxembourg) and Curating Histories chaired by Liam Wylie (RTÉ Archives). In this short, special issue, we present a selection of invited papers on the topic of '1968 in the Media’.
Co-edited by the FIAT/IFTA Media Studies Commission