It is our great pleasure to present this special issue in honour of Sonja de Leeuw, one of the founding members of the journal. The issue brings together articles that honour Sonja’s inspiring contributions to television history and television historiography. This special issue of VIEW has been guest-edited by her colleagues at Utrecht University and University of Groningen to mark Sonja's pathbreaking engagement with, and achievements within, the field of digital television heritage.
The launch of this issue coincides with the symposium The Many Lives of Europe's Audiovisual Heritage Online, held at Utrecht University on May 16th, 2018, the day of Sonja's farewell lecture. Support comes from the projects MediaDNA & DARIAH-EU.

Alexander Badenoch; Jasmijn van Gorp; Berber Hagedoorn; Judith Keilbach; Eggo Müller; Dana Mustata:

Old Stories and New Developments: Engaging with Audiovisual Heritage Online

S. 1-5


John Ellis:

Did Grace Kelly Shed a Tear? The Monegasque Royal Wedding as a Disruptive Television Event

S. 6-18

Eggo Müller:

‘Great Stuff!’: British Pathé's YouTube Channel and Curatorial Strategies for Audiovisual Heritage in a Commercial Ecosystem

S. 19-30

Willemien Sanders; Daniel Everts; Bonnie Van Vugt:

Crossing the Theory-Practice Divide: A Multi-Perspective Reflection on a Practical Course for Film and Television Students

S. 31-54

Frank Kessler:

Because His Bike Stood There: Visual Documents, Visible Evidence and the Discourse of Documentary

S. 55-59

Karin van Es; Judith Keilbach:

Keeping Up the Live: Recorded Television as Live Experience

S. 60-68

Ivo Nieuwenhuis:

Televisual Satire in the Age of Glocalization: The Case of Zondag met Lubach

S. 69-79


Jérôme Bourdon:

Is the End of Television Coming to an End?

S. 80-95

Alexander Badenoch; Berber Hagedoorn:

TV on the Radio/ Radio on Television: European Television Heritage as a Source for Understanding Radio History

S. 97-113

Dana Mustata:

‘Failed Interviews’: Doing Television History with Women

S. 114-128

Jasmijn Van Gorp; Rosita Kiewik:

What is Not in the Archive: Teaching Television History in the Digital Humanities Era

S. 129-141

Andreas Fickers; Andy 'O Dwyer; Alexandre Germain:

‘On the Road Again’: An Experimental Media Archaeology Journey to the Origins of Transnational Television in Europe

S. 142-147