The first issue of the journal Research in Film and History is based on the edited volume Film und Geschichte and Film als Forschungsmethode, published in 2015 and 2018 by Bertz + Fischer (in German). Prior to their publication in the journal, the articles were carefully reviewed and in some cases substantially revised. They are intended to serve as a catalyst for further debate, new research approaches, and critical discussion of existing interdisciplinary research into film and history.

Winfried Pauleit; Delia González de Reufels; Greiner Rasmus:

Issue 1: The Long Path to Audio-visual History. Editorial

S. 1-4

Thomas Elsaesser:

Returning to the Past its Own Future: Harun Farocki’s RESPITE

S. 1-20

Sven Kramer:

Recent Appropriations of Documentary Film Material from the Shoa Era

S. 1-9

Catherine Russell:

Archiveology: Walter Benjamin and Archival Film Practices

S. 1-22

Anne Barnert:

A State Commemorates Itself: The Staatliche Filmdokumentation at the German Democratic Republic Film Archive

S. 1-13

Matthias Steinle:

Marc Ferro's DIE WOCHE VOR 50 JAHREN / HISTOIRE PARALLÈLE (1989–2001): The Experience and Analysis of Historical Images on Television

S. 1-11

Bernhard Gross:

The Relationship between Film and History in Early German Postwar Cinema

S. 1-11

Winfried Pauleit:

Sound Space as a Space of Community: On the Playful Construction of History in THE THREE BURIALS OF MELQUIADES ESTRADA

S. 1-18

Delia González de Reufels:

Image Migration and History: The End of the Chilean Military Dictatorship in Pablo Larraín's Feature Film NO!

S. 1-12

Vrääth Öhner:

Recording and Modeling: On the Desire for Presence in Historical Documentaries

S. 1-7

Rasmus Greiner:

The Mediated Eyewitness: Voice-Overs and Modelling History

S. 1-10

Sabine Moller:

Experiencing History in Film: An Empirical Study of the Link between Film Perception and Historical Consciousness

S. 1-15

Gertrud Koch:

Kracauer's Theory of History and Film

S. 1-10

Nicholas Baer:

Historical Turns: On CALIGARI, Kracauer and New Film History

S. 1-16

Mason Kamana Allred:

Re-Membering the Past: Historical Film and the Embodied Viewer

S. 1-7