NECSUS Editorial Board:

Editorial NECSUS

S. 1-3

Special Section: #Rumors

Nicholas Baer; Maggie Hennefeld:

All the Rumors Are True

S. 5-17

Kate Fortmueller:

Vintage furniture: The significance of the casting couch as industry gossip and rumor

S. 18-40

Bethany E. Qualls:

Gossip’s ephemeral longevity: Power, circulation, and new media

S. 41-66

Mark Lynn Anderson:

Anger management, or the dream of a falsifiable film-historical past

S. 67-87

Mal Ahern:

The machine that makes gossip: Andy Warhol’s ‘Screen Test’ of Marcel Duchamp

S. 88-110

Benoît Loiseau:

Against the tyranny of the fact: Autofabulation as a queer strategy of resistance

S. 111-127

Renée Pastel; Michael Dalebout:

Truth and truths-to-come: Investigating viral rumors in ‘Q: Into the Storm’

S. 128-149

Scott Krzych:

‘I’m not a racist . . . but’: Conservative media and the plasticities of color-blind racism

S. 150-168

Michelle Cho:

Anonymous, QAnon, Tik-tok teens, K-pop fans

S. 169-193

Nicholas Baer; Maggie Hennefeld:

#Rumors: A Roundtable Discussion with Mladen Dolar, Richard Dyer, Alexandra Juhasz, Tavia Nyong’o, Marc Siegel, and Patricia Turner

S. 194-210


Mai Nguyen; Pauline Greenhill:

Uncanny sounds and the politics of wonder in Christian Petzold’s ‘Undine’

S. 211-230

Giuseppe Gatti:

Inhabited stories: An enactive media archaeology of virtual reality storytelling

S. 231-257

Cáit Murphy:

The filmmaker as Instagram auteur: A case study on Claire Denis

S. 258-284

Doron Galili:

Screen decorum: Silent Hollywood and neoclassical concepts of acting

S. 285-301

Audiovisual Essays

Liz Greene:

Sound and the audiovisual essay, part 2: The theory, history, and practice of film sound and music in videographic criticism

S. 302-303

Johannes Binotto:


S. 304-308

Ian Garwood:

The Place of the Pop Song in Academic Audiovisual Film and Television Criticism

S. 309-314

John Gibbs; Douglas Pye:

Le Plaisir: Voices and viewpoints

S. 315-318

Catherine Grant:

Irresistible instrumentalism: Materially thinking through music-making in the story worlds of silent films

S. 319-328

Liz Greene:

The Gravity of the Acousmêtre: Listening via the radio and through paratext in film

S. 329-335

Festival Reviews

Siddart Chadha:

Mirror, mirror on the wall: AKS International Minorities Festival Pakistan 2021

S. 336-343

Roderik Smits:

Film festivals and market intelligence: From audience surveys to data analytics?

S. 344-350

Justine Pignato:

RIDM 2021: Act local, think global

S. 351-359

Book Reviews

Asli Ozgen-Tuncer:

Itineraries of walking and footwear on film

S. 360-367

Irina Trocan:

The form and technology of videographic cinema

S. 368-375

Exhibition Reviews

Stéphanie Louis:

Enfin le Cinéma! Arts, images et spectacles en France 1833-1907

S. 376-384

Madalena Miranda:

Monument Palimpsest: Excavating the visions of the empire

S. 385-393