NECSUS Editorial Board:

Editorial NECSUS

S. 1-3

Special Section: #Materiality

Josephine Diecke; Bregt Lameris; Laura Niebling:

On #Materiality

S. 5-23

Rémy Bocquillon; Joost van Loon:

Symbolic misery and digital media: How NFTs reproduce culture industries

S. 24-45

Jens Schröter:

The laser: On the quantum materiality of media in the twentieth century

S. 46-68

Işıl Karataş:

Sonorous materiality of analogue film

S. 69-93

Tim van der Heijden; Mirco Santi :

Thinkering with the Pathé Baby: Materiality, histories and (re)use of 9.5mm film

S. 94-125


Bohdan Shumylovych; Oleksandr Makhanets; Taras Nazaruk; Natalia Otrishchenko; Dagmar Brunow:

Preserving the now! Mediating memories and archiving experiences in Ukraine

S. 126-149

Malte Hagener; Annie van den Oever:

The past is always changing: An interview with Tom Gunning

S. 150-174

Katrin Pesch:

Realism as ontological unrest: Digital aesthetics and reparative dynamics in Mati Diop’s ‘Atlantics’

S. 175-200

Emil Stjernholm:

Distant reading televised public information: The communication of Swedish government agencies, 1978-2020

S. 201-225

Sharon Zelnick:

Dani Gal’s cinematic and activist engagements with Israel/Palestine in Germany

S. 226-248

Audiovisual Essays

Domietta Torlasco:

The impersonal essay, or Montage as memory of the world

S. 249-256

Cauleen Smith:

Song for Earth and Folk

S. 257-258

Deborah Stratman:

Second Sighted

S. 259-260

Domietta Torlasco:

Parallax Dash

S. 261-262

Maha Maamoun:

Most Fabulous Place

S. 263-264

Sara Fgaier:

Gli anni

S. 265-266

Festival Reviews

Marijke de Valck; Ger Zielinski:

On greening film festivals: The environmental impact of film festivals and their future design and operation

S. 267-287

Aida Vallejo; Andy Moore:

The post-pandemic festival: Identity, crisis, and curation at Sheffield DocFest 2022

S. 288-300

Eleni Papadopolou Melea:

Embracing hybridity beyond the pandemic: The contrasting cases of PÖFF and SGIFF

S. 301-309

Book Reviews

Tanya Shilina-Conte:

Absence in Cinema

S. 310-318

Exhibition Reviews

Peter Buse:

How to Win at Photography: Image-Making and Play

S. 319-326

Marco Baravalle:

The Milk Of Dreams, or The Lukewarm Cup That Puts Commons to Sleep

S. 327-339

Agata Mergler:

Documenta Fifteen and Berlin Biennale 12: A comparative review

S. 340-358