Natalie Fritz; Anna-Katharina Höpflinger

Religion and Popular Music


Natalie Fritz; Anna-Katharina Höpflinger

“You Need a Big God”: Fascinating Interactions between Music and Religion

S. 7-20

Angela Sue Sawyer

Comfort the Waste Places, Defend the Violated Earth: An Ecofeminist Reading of Isaiah 51:1–52:6 and Tracy Chapman’s Song “The Rape of the World”

S. 21-33

Katharina Luise Merkert

Combating Gender Norms with a Lipstick-Gun: Lady Gaga’s JUDAS

S. 34-39

Reinhard Kopanski

What Makes Popular Christian Music “Popular”? A Comparison of Current US-American and German Christian Music Using the Examples of Lauren Daigle and Koenige & Priester

S. 41-57

Eva Meienberg

Paths of Destiny: Rosalía’s Spiritual Car Ride in AUNQUE ES DE NOCHE

S. 58-63

Lavinia Pflugfelder

Heavy Metal Bricolage: Religious Imagery and “Religionized” Visual Language in Music Videos

S. 65-85

Yannick Schlote

“But are as the Angels which are in Heaven” (Mark 12:25): Reimagining a Gender-Ambiguous Heaven in Dorian Electra’s ADAM & STEVE

S. 86-89

Natalie Fritz; Anna-Katharina Höpflinger

"And God Is Never Far Away”: Or the Sum of this Issue

S. 91-102

Simon Philipp Born

Book Review. Assaf Gamzou / Ken Koltun-Fromm (eds.), Comics and Sacred Texts: Reimagining Religion & Graphic Narratives

S. 105-109

Sofia Sjö

Book Review. Terry Lindvall, God on the Big Screen: A History of Hollywood Prayer from the Silent Era to Today

S. 110-113

Jade Weimar

Book Review. Ken Derry / John C. Lyden (eds.), The Myth Awakens: Canon, Conservatism, and Fan Reception of STAR WARS

S. 114-118

Andre L. Price

Music Review: Kanye West, Jesus Is King

S. 119-123