Stefanie Knauss; Marie-Therese Mäder

Academic Teaching with Short Films in Religion and Ethics


Stefanie Knauss; Marie-Therese Mäder

Editorial. Teaching with Short Films

S. 7-16

Daria Pezzoli-Olgiati

Theories of Religion Easily Introduced with Bruno Bozzetto’s A LIFE IN A TIN (IT 1967)

S. 17-32

Stefanie Knauss

Teaching Religion and Gender with THE COHEN’S WIFE (IL 2000)

S. 33-48

Alexander Darius Ornella

“Short Film Is Where Innovative Storytelling Is Born” Using the Science Fiction Short Film in the Religious Studies and Sociology Classroom

S. 49-64

Ken Derry

Flipping (and Giving) the Script: Using Short Films in Religion Exams

S. 65-82

Marie-Therese Mäder

Experiencing Responsibility: A Phenomenological Approach to the Teaching of Media Ethics

S. 83-98

Claudia Paganini

How to Find Meaning through Short Film Storytelling. A Response

S. 99-108

Erica Hurwitz Andrus

Book Review. Charlotte E. Howell, Divine Programming: Negotiating Christianity in American Dramatic Television Production 1996–2016

S. 111-115

Katharina-Maria Grilz

Manga Review. Yūji Kaku, Jigokuraku / Hell’s Paradise

S. 116-121

Ferdinand Liefert

Film Festival Review. 22nd Nippon Connection 2022: Embracing the Stories of Youth

S. 122-125

Katharina Luise Merkert

Music Review. Billie Eilish, Happier Than Ever

S. 126-131

Christopher Neyhart

Book Review. Giulia Isetti / Elisa Innerhofer / Harald Pechlaner / Michael de Rachewiltz (eds.), Religion in the Age of Digitalization

S. 132-135

Mirna Vohnsen

Book Review. Stephanie Pridgeon, Revolutionary Visions

S. 136-140