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S. 1-3


Casetti, Francesco

The relocation of cinema

S. 5-34

Kustritz, Anne

MP3s, rebundled debt, and performative economics – Deferral, derivatives, and digital commodity fetishism in Lady Gaga’s spectacle of excess

S. 35-54

Zborowski, James

Can you see yourself living here? Structures of desire in recent British lifestyle television

S. 55-76

Shanken, Edward A.

Investigatory art – Real-time systems and network culture

S. 77-89

Zepke, Stephen

Beyond cognitive estrangement – The future of science fiction cinema

S. 91-113

Bordeleau, Erik

The care for opacity – On Tsai Ming-Liang’s conservative filmic gesture

S. 115-131

Special Section: Tangibility

Flueckiger, Barbara

Material properties of historical film in the digital age

S. 135-153

Strauven, Wanda

Early cinema’s touch(able) screens – From Uncle Josh to Ali Barbouyou

S. 155-176

Kaerlein, Timo

Aporias of the touchscreen – On the promises and perils of a ubiquitous technology

S. 177-198

Lindner, Katharina

Questions of embodied difference – Film and queer phenomenology

S. 199-217

D’Aloia, Adriano

The intangible ground – A neurophenomenology of the film experience

S. 219-239

Hesselberth, Pepita

From subject-effect to presence-effect – A deictic approach to the cinematic

S. 241-267

Smith, Caylin

‘The Last Ray of the Dying Sun’ – Tacita Dean’s commitment to analogue media as demonstrated through FLOH and FILM

S. 269-298

Festival reviews

edited by Marijke de Valck and Skadi Loist of the Film Festival Research Network

Archibald, David

‘The Angels’ Share’ at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival

S. 299-305

Dillard, Sarah

The 37th annual Toronto International Film Festival – Seeking the social in the virtual

S. 305-312

Kranjc, Maja

Alternative Film/Video Belgrade 2011

S. 313-316

Book reviews

Behpoor, Bavand

The good, the beautiful and the sublime

S. 317-322

Stauff, Markus

A multiplied medium – Reviewing recent publications on television’s transitions

S. 322-328

Di Chiara, Francesco

European nightmares – Horror cinema in Europe since 1945

S. 328-333

Hagener, Malte

Cinema and experience – Siegfried Kracauer, Walter Benjamin, and Theodor W. Adorno

S. 333-337

Exhibition reviews

Biserna, Elena

Exhibition Reviews

S. 338-346

De Rosa, Miriam

‘Non Non Non’ – Visiting the exhibition with Yervant Gianikian and Angela Ricci Lucchi

S. 346-357