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S. 1-3


Cubitt, Sean

Anecdotal evidence

S. 5-18

Dhoest, Alexander; Simons, Nele

Still TV – On the resilience of an old medium

S. 19-34

Creed, Barbara

Nenette – Film theory, animals, and boredom

S. 35-50

Beller, Jonathan

Advertisarial relations and aesthetics of survival: Advertising –> advertisign

S. 51-73

Special section: Green

Kooijman, Jaap

Greening media studies – An interview with Richard Maxwell and Toby Miller

S. 77-82

Niederer, Sabine

‘Global warming is not a crisis!’ – Studying climate change skepticism on the Web

S. 83-112

Fletcher, Brady; Rankin, Cortland

Painting the town green – From urban teleology to urban ecology in New York cinema, 1960-present

S. 113-144

Camporesi, Enrico

A filmic exploration by means of botanical imagery – Notes on Rose Lowder

S. 145-158

Wils, Tyson

Dialectical Modes of Nature in Terrence Malick’s THE THIN RED LINE

S. 159-178

Lord, Catherine

Her green materials – Mourning, ‘Melancholia’, and not-so-vital materialisms

S. 179-196

Watkins, Liz

Disharmonious designs – Colour contrast and curiosity in Jane Campion’s IN THE CUT

S. 197-212

Hammond, Brady

Greenface – Exploring green skin in contemporary Hollywood cinema

S. 213-232

Taffel, Sy

Scalar entanglement in digital media ecologies

S. 233-254

Book reviews

edited by the NECS Publication Committee

Bianchi, Pietro

Subjectivity and ostrannenie – Key debates in European film studies

S. 255-261

Brydon, Lavinia

Screen dynamics – Mapping the borders of cinema

S. 262-267

Payne, Alison

Branding Television

S. 268-273

Festival reviews

edited by Marijke de Valck and Skadi Loist of the Film Festival Research Network

de Cuir, Jr, Greg

Go east by southeast – 13th Festival of Central and Eastern European Film Wiesbaden

S. 274-280

Sheehan, Courtney

From Chernobyl to Fukushima – The Uranium Film Festival

S. 281-285

Monani, Salma

Indigenous film festival as eco-testimonial encounter – The 2011 Native Film + Video Festival

S. 285-291

Exhibition + Website + Conference reviews

Pitassio, Francesco

Discovering repetition

S. 292-302

Beer, David

Playing with digital byproduct data – An indicative example

S. 303-311

Hedling, Olof

Screen industries in East-Central Europe – Cultural policies and political culture (22-25 November 2012, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic)

S. 312-319