NECSUS Editorial Board

Editorial Necsus

S. 1-3

Elsaesser, Thomas

Siegfried Kracauer’s affinities

S. 5-20

Verstraete, Ginette

Mapping the rise of the iPhone – Between phones and mobile media

S. 21-41

Ortega, Vicente Rodriguez

Representations of Madrid in the (post-)transition to democracy

S. 43-68

Meinel, Dietmar

Empire is out there!? The spirit of imperialism in the Pixar animated film UP

S. 69-87

Hinton, Perry

Representation or misrepresentation? British media and Japanese popular

S. 89-108

Special section: Traces

Cooley, Heidi Rae; Verhoeff, Nanna

The navigational gesture – Traces and tracings at the mobile touchscreen interface

S. 111-128

De Rosa, Miriam

Poetics and politics of the trace – Notes on surveillance practices through Harun Farocki’s work

S. 129-149

Albuquerque, Paula

Webcams as cinematic medium – Creating chronotopes of the real

S. 151-169

Dekker, Annet

Assembling traces, or the conservation of net art

S. 171-193

van der Velden, Lonneke

The Third Party Diary – Tracking the trackers on Dutch governmental websites

S. 195-217

Mariani, Andrea

Microphysics of a rationalist utopia – Ruins, town plans, and the avant-garde documentary

S. 219-243

Walton, Saige

The beauty of the act – Figuring film and the delirious baroque in HOLY MOTORS

S. 245-265

Fidotta, Giuseppe

Animated maps and the power of the trace

S. 267-298

Aalbers, Jasper

Enhanced echoes – Digitisation and new perspectives on film sound

S. 299-317

Book reviews

edited by Lavinia Brydon and Alena Strohmaier (NECS Publication Committee)

Kooijman, Jaap

Globalisation and television formats

S. 319-325

Johnston, Nessa

Soundscapes, sound clash

S. 325-332

Baumann, Chris

Shadow economies and digital disruption

S. 331-337

Kiss, Miklós

The cinema of Béla Tarr – The circle closes

S. 337-344

Handyside, Fiona

Impossible dreams: EUROPE AND LOVE IN CINEMA

S. 344-351

Festival reviews

edited by Marijke de Valck and Skadi Loist (Film Festival Research Network)

Camporesi, Enrico

Oberhausen: An interview with Lars Henrik Gass

S. 352-359

Gilbert, Ana

Brazil’s International Disability Film Festival Assim Vivemos

S. 359-364

Papadimitriou, Lydia

Celebrating independence: 54th Thessaloniki International Film Festival

S. 364-371

Velisavljević, Ivan

Initiating regional talents – 2013 Sarajevo Film Festival

S. 371-377

Vannucci, Enrico

Past memories for a new future – The 70th Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica di Venezia

S. 377-383

Exhibition reviews

Siewert, Senta

Fassbinder Frankfurt

S. 384-390

Fotiadi, Eva

The biennale as a device – 4th Athens Biennale

S. 391-398