NECSUS Editorial Board

Editorial NECSUS

S. 1-2

De Kuyper, Eric; Van den Oever, Annie

Temps mort: Speaking about Chantal Akerman (1950-2015)

S. 3-12

Harbord, Janet

Agamben’s cinema: Psychology versus an ethical form of life

S. 13-30

Spampinato, Francesco

Richard Serra: Sculpture, television, and the status quo

S. 31-49

Stauff, Markus; Caldwell, John T.

Dredging, drilling, and mapping television’s swamps: An interview with John Caldwell on the 20th anniversary of TELEVISUALITY

S. 51-70

Special section: Vintage

guest edited by Kim Knowles

Knowles, Kim

Locating vintage

S. 73-84

Niemeyer, Katharina

A theoretical approach to vintage: From oenology to media

S. 85-102

van der Heijden, Tim

Technostalgia of the present: From technologies of memory to a memory of technologies

S. 103-121

Piper, Helen

The way we watched: Vintage television programmes, memories, and memorabilia

S. 123-142

Baschiera, Stefano; Caoduro, Elena

Retro, faux-vintage, and anachronism: When cinema looks back

S. 143-163

Handberg, Kristian

No time like the past? On the new role of vintage and retro in the magazines SCANDINAVIAN RETRO and RETRO GAMER

S. 165-185

Fetveit, Arild

Death, beauty, and iconoclastic nostalgia: Precarious aesthetics and Lana Del Rey

S. 187-207

Audiovisual essays:

edited by Cristina Álvarez López and Adrian Martin

Álvarez López, Cristina; Martin, Adrian

Learning from popular genres – with help from the audiovisual essay

S. 209-213

Lindenberger, Henrike

Construction of a Heist (2014)

S. 214-214

Iannone, Pasquale

A note on COMEDY VITTI STYLE (2015)

S. 215-216

Book reviews:

edited by Lavinia Brydon and Alena Strohmaier (NECS Publication Committee)

Pitassio, Francesco

The Lumière Galaxy

S. 217-222

Hagener, Malte

Beautiful Data / The Democratic Surround

S. 223-227

O'Brien, Adam

Cinema of the Swimming Pool / Cinema as Weather

S. 228-234

Festival reviews:

edited by Marijke de Valck and Skadi Loist (Film Festival Research Network)

San Filippo, Maria

Selling film in the summer of 2015: Midnight Sun, Il Cinema Ritrovato, and Karlovy Vary

S. 235-245

Barrow, Sarah

Made in Peru: Lima Film Festival comes of age

S. 246-251

Krainhöfer, Tanja C.

Strong positioning on the international festival circuit: An interview with Diana Iljine of Filmfest München

S. 252-260

Exhibition reviews:

edited by Miriam De Rosa and Malin Wahlberg (NECS Publication Committee)

Zyrd, Michael

Hollis Frampton's 'other work'

S. 261-266

De Rosa, Miriam

Theaters: Cinematic vintage magnified

S. 267-276

Harvey-Davitt, James

Arab Pop: Whose Gaze is it Anyway?

S. 277-283

Satchell-Baeza, Sophia

Artists’ Film Biennial, ICA 2014

S. 284-293