The inaugural issue »Digital Material/ism« presents methodological and theoretical insights into digital materiality and materialism.

Reichert, Ramón; Richterich, Annika

Introduction. Digital Materialism

S. 5-17

I. Software/Code Studies And Digital Material

Barker, Tim; McKeown, Conor

Unearthing Techno-Ecology. On the Possibility of a Technical Media Philosophy of Ecology

S. 21-37

Heilmann, Till A.

Reciprocal Materiality and the Body of Code. A Close Reading of the American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII)

S. 39-52

II. The Material Of The Digital And Emerging Practices

Werning, Stefan

Swipe to Unlock. How the Materiality of the Touchscreen Frames Media Use and Corresponding Perceptions of Media Content

S. 55-71

Forlano, Laura

Towards an Integrated Theory of the Cyber-Urban. Digital Materiality and Networked Media at Multiple Scales

S. 73-91

III. Methodological And Conceptual Reflections

Bollmer, Grant

Technological Materiality and Assumptions About 'Active' Human Agency

S. 95-110

Scarlett, Ashley

Interpreting an Improper Materialism. On Aesthesis, Synesthesia and the Digital

S. 111-129

Hui, Yuk

Towards a Relational Materialism. A Reflection on Language, Relations and the Digital

S. 131-147

IV. Entering The Field

Hiller, Moritz

Signs o‘ the Times. The Software of Philology and a Philology of Software

S. 151-163

Wan, Evelyn

From HER (2013) to Viv the Global Brain. Becoming Material, Unfolding Experience through Radical Empiricism and Process Philosophy

S. 165-185

Sauer, Sabrina

Material Agency in User-Centred Design Practices. High School Students Improvising (with) Smart Sensor Prototypes

S. 187-209

V. In Conversation With

Parikka, Jussi; Richterich, Annika

A Geology of Media and a New Materialism. Jussi Parikka in Conversation with Annika Richterich.

S. 213-226

Jordan, Tim; Wenz, Karin

Information Politics. Tim Jordan in Conversation with Karin Wenz

S. 227-237