This issue provides methodological and theoretical reflections on technologically generated knowledge about the body and socio-cultural practices that are subsumed, discussed, and criticized using the key concept »Quantified Self«.

Abend, Pablo; Fuchs, Mathias

Introduction. The Quantified Self and Statistical Bodies

S. 5-21

I. Situating the Quantified Self Phenomenon

Belliger, Andréa; Krieger, David J.

From Quantified to Qualified Self. A Fictional Dialogue at the Mall

S. 25-40

Angerer, Marie-Luise; Bösel, Bernd

Total Affect Control. Or: Who’s Afraid of a Pleasing Little Sister?

S. 41-52

Danter, Stefan; Reichardt, Ulfried; Schober, Regina

Theorising the Quantified Self and Posthumanist Agency. Self-Knowledge and Posthumanist Agency in Contemporary US-American Literature

S. 53-67

II. Investigations in Quantifying Practices

Lambert, Alex

Bodies, Mood and Excess. Relationship Tracking and the Technicity of Intimacy

S. 71-88

Belli, Jill

Unhappy? There’s an App for That. Tracking Well-Being through the Quantified Self

S. 89-103

III. Conceptual and Legal Reflections

Gekker, Alex

Casual Power. Understanding User Interfaces through Quantification

S. 107-122

Karanasiou, Argyro P.; Kang, Sharanjit

My Quantified Self, my FitBit and I. The Polymorphic Concept of Health Data and the Sharer’s Dilemma

S. 123-142

IV. Entering the Field

Marshall, Barbara L.; Katz, Stephen

How Old am I? Digital Culture and Quantified Ageing

S. 145-152

Ruffino, Paolo

Games to Live With. Speculations Regarding NikeFuel

S. 153-159

Dyer, James

Quantified Bodies. A Design Practice

S. 161-167

Zacher Sørensen, Mette-Marie

Quantified Faces. On Surveillance Technologies, Identification and Statistics in Three Contemporary Art Projects

S. 169-176

Cercós, Robert; Goddard, William; Nash, Adam; Yuille, Jeremy

Coupling Quantified Bodies. Affective Possibilities of Self-Quantification beyond the Self

S. 177-182

V. In Conversation with

Brain, Tega; Mattu, Surya; Abend, Pablo Abend; Fuchs, Mathias

I Think it Worked Because Mercury was in the House of Jupiter! Tega Brain and Surya Mattu in Conversation with Pablo Abend and Mathias Fuchs

S. 184-193