This issue critically examines the political and economic dimensions of Big Data and thus details its contestation. The contributions focus on the materialities and processes which manifest Big Data and explore forms of value beyond the state and capital. These range from open data initiatives, social media metrics, machine learning algorithms, data visualisation to data dashboards, critical data analysis, and new modes of data action research and practice.

Coté, Mark; Gerbaudo, Paolo; Pybus, Jennifer

Introduction. Politics of Big Data

S. 5-15

I. Critiquing Big Data

Gerlitz, Carolin

What Counts? Reflections on the Multivalence of Social Media Data

S. 19-38

Rieder, Bernhard

Big Data and the Paradox of Diversity

S. 39-54

II. Digital Epistemologies

Milan, Stefania; van der Velden, Lonneke

The Alternative Epistemologies of Data Activism

S. 57-74

Coté, Mark; Pybus, Jennifer

Simondon on Datafication. A Techno-Cultural Method

S. 75-92

III. Digital Methodologies

Gerbaudo, Paolo

From Data Analytics to Data Hermeneutics. Online Political Discussions, Digital Methods and the Continuing Relevance of Interpretive Approaches

S. 95-111

Murthy, Dhiraj; Gross, Alexander; McGarry, Marisa

Visual Social Media and Big Data. Interpreting Instagram Images Posted on Twitter

S. 113-133

IV. Entering the Field

Helm, Paula

Group Privacy in Times of Big Data. A Literature Review

S. 138-151