NECSUS Editorial Board

Editorial Necsus

S. 1-4

Lovink, Geert

A philosophy of weaving the web: An interview with media theorist Sebastian Giessmann

S. 5-18

Scherffig, Clara Miranda

Remake: Chantal Akerman’s and John Smith’s plays on reality

S. 19-39

Pantenburg, Volker

Videographic film studies and the analysis of camera movement

S. 41-58

Sinnerbrink, Robert

Photobiographies: The ‘Derrida’ documentaries as film-philosophy

S. 59-76

Staat, Wim

‘The Right Stuff’: From Western to melodrama and comedy

S. 77-93

Grant, Catherine

Pleasure | Obvious | Queer: A conversation with Richard Dyer

S. 95-110

Special section: Small data

Gupta-Nigam, Anirban

Forms of binding: On data and not ‘fitting in’

S. 111-130

Hesselberth, Pepita; Poulaki, Maria

Compact cinematics

S. 131-147

Re, Valentina

From Saul Bass to participatory culture: Opening title sequences in contemporary television series

S. 149-175

Wiehl, Anna

Database aesthetics, modular storytelling, and the intimate small worlds of Korsakow documentaries

S. 177-197

Smolicki, Jacek; Frigo, Alberto

Towards a ‘minor data’ manifesto

S. 199-214

Exhibition reviews:

edited by Miriam De Rosa and Malin Wahlberg (NECS Publication Committee)

Lee, Joo Yun

Ryoji Ikeda at ZKM

S. 215-223

Eriksson, Olivia

Re-enacting pre-existing image collections in Akram Zaatari’s ‘Unfolding’

S. 225-233

Mey, Adeena

The milieu of poetry: Yuri An’s ‘The Unharvested Sea’ and ‘Sailing Words’

S. 235-243

Festival reviews:

edited by Marijke de Valck and Skadi Loist (Film Festival Research Network)

Vallejo, Aida

Of calendars and industries: IDFA and CPH:DOX

S. 245-254

Tascón, Sonia

Human rights, film, and social change: Screening Rights Film Festival, Birmingham Centre for Film Studies

S. 255-263

Sankanu, Prince Bubacarr Aminata

Rediscovering Frantz Fanon at Scotland’s Africa in Motion film festival

S. 265-272

Book reviews:

edited by Lavinia Brydon and Alena Strohmaier (NECS Publication Committee)

Wabeke, Anne Gre

Complex series and struggling cable guys

S. 273-282

Rizi, Najmeh Moradiyan

New media configurations and socio-cultural dynamics in Asia and the Arab world

S. 283-288

Audiovisual essays:

guest edited by Dana Linssen

Linssen, Dana

Whose Cinema: The video-essay on the big screen of the International Film Festival Rotterdam

S. 289-295

Albuquerque, Paula

Live Streaming US

S. 297-298

Molero, Juan Daniel F.


S. 299-300

Emmerzael, Hugo

Warped Reflections: The Cinematic Identity of Helmut Berger

S. 301-304