NECSUS Editorial Board

Editorial Necsus

S. 1-2

Lovink, Geert

From mass psychology to media studies: Interview with Jaap van Ginneken on his Kurt Baschwitz biography

S. 3-16

Cowan, Michael

Interactive media and imperial subjects: Excavating the cinematic shooting gallery

S. 17-44

Fetveit, Arild

The uncanny mediality of the photographic GIF

S. 45-65

Meilvang, Emil Leth

Cinema, meteorology, and the erotics of weather

S. 67-85

Special section: #Resolution

edited by Antonio Somaini and Francesco Casetti

Casetti, Francesco; Somaini, Antonio

Resolution: Digital materialities, thresholds of visibility

S. 87-103

Braguinski, Nikita

The resolution of sound: Understanding retro game audio beyond the ‘8-bit’ horizon

S. 105-121

Larcher, Jonathan; Leyokki

The instability of the digital archive: How to deal with pixels by hand

S. 123-144

Cavallotti, Diego

From grain to pixel? Notes on the technical dialectics in the small gauge film archive

S. 145-164

Østby Saether, Susanne

To double or diffuse: Art and the mobility of images, ca. 2005

S. 165-184

Pierotti, Federico; Ronetti, Alessandra

Beyond human vision: Towards an archaeology of infrared images

S. 185-215

Tanvir, Kuhu

Breaking Bollywood: Moving pictures on mobile screens

S. 217-233

Treccani, Carloalberto

How machines see the world: Understanding image annotation

S. 235-254

Festival reviews:

edited by Marijke de Valck and Skadi Loist

Brunow, Dagmar

Mobile cinema as an archive in motion: A Wall is a Screen and urban memories

S. 255-262

Radhakrishnan, Ratheesh

We need to talk about Indian Panorama: A report from the International Film Festival of India 2017

S. 263-271

Vanhaelemeesch, Jasper

20 Years of Ícaro spreading its wings: Ícaro International Film Festival

S. 273-281

Exhibition reviews:

edited by Miriam de Rosa and Leo Goldsmith

Mileto, Alma

Sergei Eisenstein: The Anthropology of Rhythm, a conversation with curators Marie Rebecchi and Elena Vogman

S. 283-294

Dabrowska, Anna

Engaging new audiences with old and new experimental film: The E*Cinema Academy film series at EYE Filmmuseum

S. 295-305

Ruchel-Stockmans, Katarzyna

We have never been (post)modern: Photography’s late encounters with film

S. 307-316

Book reviews:

edited by Lavinia Brydon and Victoria Pastor-González

Booth, Jack

Inhuman Networks / Controversies in Digital Ethics

S. 317-325

Russell, William

TV Socialism / Broadcasting Modernity

S. 327-334

Handyside, Fiona

First Comes Love / Presumed Intimacy

S. 335-343

Audiovisual essays:

edited by Miklós Kiss

Kiss, Miklós

Videographic scene analyses, part 1

S. 345-348