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    Analyzing the Familiar: Approaches to Home Movies from East Germany
    Thalheim, Sebastian (2021-01-28)
    Analyzing East German home movies presents a challenge for researchers, since 8 mm and Super 8 reels reveal a harmonious image of life under dictatorship. This article proposes a combination of film analysis, the analysis of written sources, and film interviews as a methodological approach to studying films in the absence of contextual information. This approach is especially effective as a way of distancing oneself from preconceptions about vernacular filmmaking under socialism.
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    Benjamin and Deleuze: Approaches to a Critical History in Film Images
    Berg, Olaf (2021-01-28)
    The article combines Walter Benjamin's concept of the dialectical image and Gilles Deleuze's concept of the time-image to develop an approach to using film as an instrument in historical research.
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    Film and History: Towards a General Ontology
    Paalman, Floris (2021-01-28)
    In order to bridge the gap between history and film history as academic disciplines, for both fields to benefit from it, scholars need to draw a theory of the function and position of film in society and develop a general ontology of cinema. A fruitful prospect for such a revisionist endeavour can be found in the emergence of world cinema history that over the last decade has developed as a field in which the social function of cinema is being related to issues of representation while taking economic conditions of production and consumption into account.
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    Issue 3: Sources – Meaning – Experience. Editorial
    Astafeva, Tatiana (2021-01-28)
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    Mapping and Grounding Visual History: Methodological Reflections on Historical Research and Amateur Films
    Stein, Hanna (2021-01-28)
    On the example of Yugoslav amateur film productions, this article discusses the possibilities of applying situational analysis as a methodological tool for the study of amateur films as historical sources.
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    Migrations of Media Aesthetics: Anachronisms and Reflexivity in ILUMINADOS POR EL FUEGO
    Greiner, Rasmus (2021-01-28)
    This essay explores how representations of war in news and documentary media have migrated into the war film genre, transcending the bounds of historical chronology and allowing the aesthetics of historical media to be transposed into filmic representations of contemporary conflicts.
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    Nonfictional Films as Historical Source: Materiality – Visuality – Performativity
    Hornung, Juliane (2021-01-28)
    The article looks at the amateur and professional travel films of the New York millionaires Lawrence and Margaret Thaw and provides a new analytical approach on nonfictional films as sources for historical research. It argues that it is not only crucial to consider the visual dimension of (audio-)visual media but also to look closely at its materiality and performativity.