Zeichentheoretische Grundlagen der Bildwissenschaft

Author(s): Münch, Dieter


Image science is a project of scientists from different fields, such as Computer Science, Semiotics, Psychology, Anthropology, Communication Science, Ethnology, Art History and Hermeneutic Philosophy (the book series “Image Science”, that was founded in 1999 by Klaus Sachs-Hombach and Klaus Rehkämper, gives information about the development of Image Science). The multitude of perspectives leads to the question of how these perspectives are integrated into Image Science, for an interdisciplinary co-operation asks for more than just a common theme.

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Münch, Dieter: Zeichentheoretische Grundlagen der Bildwissenschaft. In: IMAGE. Zeitschrift für interdisziplinäre Bildwissenschaft, Jg. 1 (2005), Nr. 1, S. 64-88. DOI:
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