Between scenes: Glasgow’s alternative film spaces in the 1990s


This article focuses on previously undocumented film initiatives that emerged within counter-cultural scenes in Glasgow, presenting the case study of New Visions, a film and video festival established in 1992. Drawing on primary sources including institutional archives, festival brochures, and interviews, this article argues that Glasgow’s alternative film culture had a symbiotic relationship with the arts and the music scenes, a relationship made concrete through the use of shared spaces and the transit of people between different practices. In the context of shifting agendas of cultural policy and funding, with a growing emphasis on festivals, the struggles of New Visions illuminate the clash between grassroots initiatives and mainstream cultural policy.

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Colta, Alexandra-Maria; Vélez-Serna, María: Between scenes: Glasgow’s alternative film spaces in the 1990s. In: NECSUS. European Journal of Media Studies, Jg. 8 (2019), Nr. 1, S. 51-68. DOI: 10.25969/mediarep/4187.
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