Welt aus Daten. Datenjournalismus während der Corona-Pandemie

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Since March 2020, numerous citizens have become true nerds in the field of statistics and data criticism. Staring at numbers has become a daily ritual, and achieving a new data literacy seemed urgent to many in order to have more certainty and orientation about how risky the pandemic is for their own lives. In an interview with Birgit Schneider at the end of May 2021, i.e., still during the extensive lockdown, Marie-Louise Timcke – a data journalist and head of the interactive team at Funke-Mediengruppe – provided insight into working with numbers, misunderstandings around numbers as facts, and data journalism as a field of activity located in the tension between knowledge communication and a politics of data.

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Timcke, Marie-Louise; Schneider, Birgit: Welt aus Daten. Datenjournalismus während der Corona-Pandemie. In: Zeitschrift für Medienwissenschaft, Jg. 13 (2021), Nr. 2, S. 102-114. DOI:
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