Da – eine Zwischenbemerkung zur Frage der Bildbeziehungen

Author(s): Bünzow, Manuela


It was the catalogue of the double exhibition I’m a Painting and Blue Lagoon in the Kumu kunstimuuseum in Tallinn that motivated to propose the ‘Dazwischen’ as a guiding principle in discussions. The ‘Dazwischen’ gains its relevance for the relations between ‘Bildern’ through two channels, as discussed using the example of Eveline Cioflec: it is a phenomenon as much as an enabler of phenomena. This functional character of enablement is explained by means of three dimensions: the enablement of the ‘Bild’ as an object, as a ‘Bild’, and as ‘Malerei’. On the basis of these observations, the essay finally seeks to introduce the ‘Dazwischen’ as ‘Da-zwischen’ and thereby as a constitutive moment of ‘Bildlichkeit’.

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Bünzow, Manuela: Da – eine Zwischenbemerkung zur Frage der Bildbeziehungen. In: IMAGE. Zeitschrift für interdisziplinäre Bildwissenschaft, Jg. 18 (2022), Nr. 2, S. 40-51. DOI:
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