Bits & Pieces versorgen. Ein Plädoyer

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Digitalization has created new relationships between the embodied subject and the data abstracted from it or assigned to it. If subjectivization and embodiment take place in the amalgamation of the social and the technological, it becomes important not only to discuss certain digital artifacts in terms of their agency, but also to understand them as biopolitically and bodypolitically agential and to place them in a new relationship to practices of care. The distinction between subjects and data itself can only be discussed as a result of complex boundary work; consequently the boundaries of subjects in need of care have also become blurred. I thus propose to reflect ontechnecological practices of caring.

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Kämpf, Katrin M.: Bits & Pieces versorgen. Ein Plädoyer. In: Zeitschrift für Medienwissenschaft, Jg. 13 (2021), Nr. 1, S. 58-64. DOI:
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