Port of call: The eyeline of the logistical image

Author(s): Turner, Stephen


From the surface of the sea to a sea of data as a canvas of affective inscription, the port emerges as a calling card, constituted by the aggregate image of logistical media and its ‘looks’ and ‘likes’. The surface of software infrastructure encompasses and extends the operation of the port. Cross-weaving documentary (Allan Sekula and Noël Burch’s The Forgotten Space [2010]), experimental and independent film (Jean Luc Godard’s Socialisme [2010], Philip Scheffner’s Havarie [2010]), reality television (Below Deck: Mediterranean, 2016-present), and Instagram, the port emerges as the para-site par excellence of floating capital, consumption, and waste.

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Turner, Stephen: Port of call: The eyeline of the logistical image. In: NECSUS_European Journal of Media Studies, Jg. 12 (2023), Nr. 1, S. 35-57. DOI:
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