Book:'s Traum. A Psychoarchaeologist’s Dramaturgy

Author(s): V.M.


This book is a psychoarchaeological reconstruction of an art collective,, who existed in the times of the internet. The material reconstituted here was derived, after’s disappearance, from multiple requests for data from their archived art server. These requests, made by post, were submitted by the author, V.M., to an unidentif ied and unreliable Data Auditor, using a Secure Access Protocol. It is rumoured that access to the archive was securitised by because it contains highly sensitive, possibly incriminating, data. The psychoarchaeologist’s reconstruction reveals a cultural organisation that satirised, resisted and internalised the libertarian yet bureaucratic tendencies of a surveillance society, and its obsession with data privacy, security and property. The trail runs cold as the group made its retreat into the woods from a world that was disintegrating.
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V.M.:'s Traum. A Psychoarchaeologist’s Dramaturgy. London: Mute 2014. DOI: 10.25969/mediarep/14007.
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