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The “Power of Configuration” in Digital Storytelling


Digital Storytelling is the multimodal version of a universal practice of storytelling. Paul Ricoeur points to the “power of configuration” in text-based storytelling. The multimodal digital story connects elements from oral, written and visual storytelling. Digital storytelling with personal stories by amateurs might have more in common with everyday oral storytelling than with media products made by professionals. Theories of oral composition might add valuable aspects to our understanding of the configuration of digital stories. We discuss these theoretical perspectives using a digital story from a case study in Norway. Our conclusion is that the configuration in digital storytelling is not just a matter of transformation of pre-figured elements. The multimodality of the digital means help configure stories that may not be told without this digital power of configuration.

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Hertzberg Kaare, Birgit; Lundby, Knut: The “Power of Configuration” in Digital Storytelling. In: Gächter, Yvonne;Ortner, Heike;Schwarz, Claudia;Wiesinger, Andreas: Erzählen – Reflexionen im Zeitalter der Digitalisierung / Storytelling – Reflections in the Age of Digitalization. Innsbruck: Innsbruck University Press 2008, S. 99-111. DOI:
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